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ONJO / 大友良英ニュージャズ・オーケストラ / Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra

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This is Otomo's first Orchestra work. From Ground Zero to ONJQ, Otomo always made inroads into Avant-Garde music. This orchestra work include two Japanese famous female vocalists, Kahimi Karie and Hamada Mariko, and have various sounds - noise, pops, jazz, orchestral big bang hits, happening in their playing, obscure tone, Sho - Japanese traditional instrument, all Onkyo sounds, and so on. Otomo did his best musical direction for this work. This must be landmark of his works.

大友良英 Otomo Yoshihide (guitar, turntable on canary, broken, orange & tails, conduct on mayonaka)
アクセル・ドゥナー Axel Doerner (trumpet, slide trumpet)
青木タイセイ Aoki Taisei (trombone, bamboo flute)
津上研太 Tsugami Kenta (alto sax, soprano sax)
大蔵雅彦 Okura Masahiko (alto sax & tubes on eureka, orange & a-shi-ta)
アルフレッド・ハルト Alfred Harth (tenor sax, bass-clarinet, trumpet, misc)
マッツ・グスタフソン Mats Gustafsson (baritone sax)
石川高 Ishikawa Ko (sho)
サチコM Sachiko M (sinewaves, contact mic)
宇波拓 Unami Taku (computer on orange)
高良久美子 Takara Kumiko (vibraphone)
コール・フラー Cor Fuhler (piano, inside piano)
水谷浩章 Mizutani Hiroaki (bass)
芳垣安洋 Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (drums, percussion, trumpet on eureka & canary)
魚喃キリコ Nananan Kiriko (bombo on eureka & a-shi-ta)
大津真 Otsu Makoto (drum samples on orange & tails)
カヒミ・カリィ Kahimi Karie (vocal on eureka, lost & mayonaka)
浜田真理子 Hamada Mariko (vocal on a-shi-ta)

1. eureka (Jim O'rourke) 11:13
2. theme from canary (Otomo Yoshihide) 5:51
3. broken shadows (Ornette Coleman) 4:17
4. lost in the rain (Otomo / Kahimi Karie) 8:58
5. orange was the color of her dress, then blue silk (Charles Mingus) 〜 tails out (Otomo) 9:16
6. mayonaka no shizuka na kuroi kawa no ue ni ukabiagaru shiroi yuri no hana (Otomo / Karie) 7:45
7. a-shi-ta (Otomo / Hamada Mariko) 7:49



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¥2,420 tax included

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