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ONJT+ / Lonely Woman

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ONJTとは大友良英・ニュー・ジャズ・トリオの略称である。ONJE(アンサンブル)、ONJQ(クンテット)、ONJO(オーケストラ)と続いてきた大友のニュー・ジャズ・プロジェクトは今回、トリオというフォーマットになった。2008年夏よりこのトリオで演奏するようになったが、アルバムでは「+」としてSachiko Mとジム・オルークが一部加わっている。


ONJT means a abbreviation of Otomo Yoshide's New Jazz Trio, Otomo Yoshihide (guitar), Mizutani Hiroaki (bass, misc.), Yoshigaki Yasuhiro(drums, percussion) and "+" means the guests for those 2 CDs ; Sachiko M (sinewaves) and Jim O'rourke (EMS synthesizer).
Otomo continues with his "New Jazz" project from ONJQ (Quintet) via ONJE (Ensemble) to ONJO (Orchestra), and this time he organize his core group / trio form. Those 2 CDs are long-expected works, Otomo try to revive birth and death of "free jazz" by contemporary sounds and interpretations.
A death of Albert Ayler has been identified on 25th October, 1970 at East River, N.Y.C. 40 years has past from Albert's death. How does improvised music changed over 40 years ? Here is the answer in some way.

"Lonely Woman" composed by Ornette Coleman is the tune that Otomo continues to long play for love. "Lonely Woman" is beginning tune of 'The Shape Of Jazz To Com' LP (1959), has unforgettable melody and loved by many jazz musicians. This CD includes Otomo's quintet (ONJT+), trio and guitar solo playing. Otomo put various expression into each playing and this seems like as if "lonely woman suite".

大友良英 Otomo Yoshihide (electric guitar)
水谷浩章 Mizutani Hiroaki (bass)
芳垣安洋 Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (drums, percussion)
+ :
サチコM Sachiko M (sinewaves)
ジム・オルーク Jim O'rourke (EMS synthesizer)

1. Lonely Woman (quintet / 14:16)
2. Lonely Woman (guitar solo / 4:22)
3. Lonely Woman (trio / 10:26)
4. Lonely Woman (trio / 4:19)
5. Lonely Woman (guitar solo / 3:41)
6. Lonely Woman (quintet / 11:05)



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