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TRYANGLE ー 山崎比呂志・井野信義・林栄一

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From 1960 era, Hiroshi Yamazaki played with Masayuki Takayanagi, Kaoru Abe, Masabumi Kikuchi, and so on. He plays from standard Jazz to Freeform Improvisation by his original drum sounds and now he put the focus on this unit called “TRYANGLE”. Also bassist Nobuyoshi Ino played with Masayuki Takayanagi and Yamazaki from 60 era. TRYANGLE is the unsettled unit that drummer Yamazaki and bassist Ino invite unique guest musician. For example, Takayuki Kato (g), Masayo Koketsu(as), Sachi Hayasaka(ts), Otomo Yoshihide(g), Kei Matsumaru(as), etc. This CD is such a fragment of TRYANGLE, guest musician is Eiichi Hayashi(as). Multi-track recorded on 4 March, 2022 at Koen-dori Classics, Tokyo. You will feel you cannot miss even a second on Yamazaki’s dynamic and delicate drum and percussion, and you will feel this trio’s special organic entanglement. Listen to this CD on a tuned audio devices if possible, not by headphone or earphone but a tuned speakers.
doubtmusic is proud to put out this CD.

山崎比呂志 Hiroshi Yamazaki(ds)
井野信義 Nobuyoshi Ino(b)
林栄一 Eiichi Hayashi(as)

Live Recording at Koen-dori Classics, Tokyo
track listting
1. 20220304 1st set (34:27)
2. 20220304 2nd set (27:06)

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¥2,420 tax included

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